Intellij/Liquibase plugin: advantage for ETL migration of 2 different DBs?

Hello all, I have read the doco for the Intellij/Liquibase plugin but it appears the refactoring feature is still in the spirit of a single database which leads to 2 questions?:

  1. Is there any chance the plugin could be used to ETL migrate SQL Server tables and data records to a refactored MySQL instance?
  2. Is there commercial support for liquibase?

The intellij plugin is just single database-oriented, and unfortunately it has fallen into unsupported territory.  It was built on a 3rd party database plugin that has not been updated in quite some time and it too inflexible to do all we need to with it.  We need to re-write the plugin to either use the new native-intellij database manager or write our own database UI as well, and I don’t see having the resources to handle that in the near future.  I would really like to get back to a IDE mode to liquibase, but the core library has enough to add in that I have been unable to handle and support both projects. 

Official commercial support is in the works, but has not been finalized yet.  If you are interested in helping pilot it or giving feedback on what you would like for commercial support, you can send me an email at nathan [at]