Invalid SQL generated (tinyblob with size specified)

I am currently trying to let Liquibase do database versioning for a MySQL database used by Hibernate.
My first test case is to make an empty database, and let liquibase ‘update’ it to a correct table structure to go with the hibernate configuration file.
This immediately led to a problem; the SQL Liquibase generates contains column types of the form ‘tinyblob (255)’, but this is invalid SQL syntax; you cannot specify a size for a tinyblob (at least not in the MySQL version we use). Interestingly, this is also the only type it outputs in lower case (maybe this indicates where the problem lies?). Does anyone know how to tell liquibase (or com.mysql.jdbc.Driver ?) not to specify a size for a tinyblob? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What version of liquibase are you running?


This was done using 1.9.5. Interestingly, using 2.0 RC1 (have not tried it with 1.9.5) and PostreSQL gives the same problem, only not for a ‘tinyblob’ but ‘bytea’.

It should work in RC2.  Working on releasing it now…