Is it possible define different context values at chagnelog level and changeset level?

Good Morning everyone,

Myself I am kumar, learning on CICD for PostgreSQL to automate release process. I have come question and clarification on defining context at change log vs change set.

My requirement is bit complex ,
case 1: I have a PostgreSQL database in Active and Active configuration. and my requirement is to run DDL change on all PostgreSQL database and DML should run on Last node in last PostgreSQL database base on a Table if it is part of replication or not part of the replication.

I have defined context as repl and norepl.
here is my change log content

== Changelog.xml
<include relativeToChangelogFile="true" file="../changesets/ddl/object_ddl.sql" context="repl" />

content in change set object_ddl.sql

--liquibase formatted sql
--Changeset Kumar:MAG-51111#pgpoc.emp#20220912:09:20:16#1 
--comment Create emp table

create table pgpoc.emp(id int primary key);

-- rollback drop table {db_schema}.emp;

--Changeset kumar:MAG-51115#pgpoc.dept#20220912:09:20:16#2 context:norepl   >>>>
--comment Create dept table

create table pgpoc.dept(deptid int primary key);

-- rollback drop table {db_schema}.dept;

--Changeset kumar:MAG-51111#pgpoc.emp#20220912:09:20:16#3 
--comment alter emp table
alter table pgpoc.emp add column name varchar;

-- rollback alter table {db_schema}.emp drop column name;

when I run the command as below

$LIQUIBASE_HOME/liquibase \
--driver="org.postgresql.Driver" \
--contexts="repl" \
--changelog-file=changelog.xml \

I am getting expected result. employee table is getting created and same table getting altered .

when I tried to run the command to crate department tables , for some reason department table is not getting created

$LIQUIBASE_HOME/liquibase \
--driver="org.postgresql.Driver" \
--contexts="norepl" \
--changelog-file=changelog.xml \

here my question is , Can I specify context at chagnelog level and changeset level with different context values?

if yes, why no replicated table is not getting created (in my case department )

Thank you ,