Is it possible to change the Liquibase table names?

Over here, there an agreement that all tables in a DB need to be lowercase. The tables liquibase adds to database are uppercase. Is it possible to change the name of the tables liquibase creates internally (through configuration)?

You can change it.  You you do it currently depends on how you are running liquibase. 

The Database object that gets created for your particular database has a getDatabaseChangeLogTableName() and getDatabaseChangeLogLockTableName() that returns what the rest of the code uses.  If you are using Ant or the command line migrator you can specify the values as config parameters.  Other ways of running liqubase are not quite as easy to configure currently. 

We plan on standardizing configuration, but it probably won’t be until 2.1.

How are you running liquibase?


I’m using the Maven plugin

Just checked the mojo code. The databaseClass parameter can’t be configured.

I solved the issue by not using the Maven option, but the Spring one and rewriting it a bit so that it can be configured with properties for the 2 table names.

Glad you found a work-around