Lowercase tablenames in mysql

Hi Team,
My Requirement is to have lower case table names in mysql even if my code i push from liquibase has Upper case in it


Even though my table name is TEST1 i want it to be crated as test1 only , do we have any option like that to enable in liquibase , please clarify

Hi @phanikrishna111 ,

This setting (table name lower/upper case) can be set up on MySQL side (depending on OS it has a default also). The server variable is called lower_case_table_names and can be set to 0 (if not already as so by default). This will automatically change all table names to lowercase (even if set in Liquibase side as uppercase, CamelCase or any other combination).
You might want to have a look here: MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 9.2.3 Identifier Case Sensitivity

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Hi EduardUta,

We have set that parameter already in mysql , let me try to create the tables using liquibase and get back to you , whether its creating it in lower case or higher case

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Hi Eduard,

Do we have any flags to set in liquibase ?
mysql 8 - lower case tables names zero ( always)
Changelog - uppercase or lowercase table names we mentioned do we have any liquibase flags that instruct the table to be lowercase in mysql ?


Hi @phanikrishna111 ,

I think we don’t have this ability via Liquibase, as that is a server level setting/property.


Thanks much Eduard , will try to explore more

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