Is it possible to generate a diff by comparing a database to an XML file?

Is it possible to generate a diff by comparing a target database with a source database model defined in an XML file?

A use case:

  • A database schema model is defined and maintained in the development projects source code repository in an XML format

  • Developers can change schema by changing XML files. Source code repository can show a diff between two versions.

  • During the deployment, of a new version there is an easy and quick way to evolve the target schema to the required version. Developers do not have to maintain each DDL in a separate script to handle a scenario in which a process running script may have been aborted before completion of the script.

You can compare :
1- reference database and target database by setting the attributes in the file
2- generate changelog for the second database and then compare the two xml’s file
For more details,please visit this link : diff command | Liquibase Docs


Thank you, Ahmed.
That means:
It is not possible to compare a target database schema, accessed with the JDBC driver, with a model schema described in an XML file.



Yes, this what i mean referring to official documentation :+1: