is it possible to use the oracle-extensions with MSSQL

hello - 

new to liquibase this week.

I’m wanting to use some of the features of the oracle extensions project with mssql.

My guess is that it won’t work as-is, and that I’d have to create some additional classes like CreateTriggerOracle, but targeted at MSSQL. 

Am I barking up right tree here?


Yes, that is right. The CreateTriggerOracle won’t work directly but would be a good starting point.


nathan -

I can’t seem to find the source for the liquibase-oracle extensions on git-hub. Were they ever moved from the atlassian SVN repository?     

It hasn’t been moved, since it is a contributed extension and not one I created. I believe it is still at

I’m going to have to go through the contributed extensions on jira and figure out what to do with them once I get 3.0 out.