Questions on the 'liquibase/liquibase-oracle' GitHub repo

I just have general questions about the ‘liquibase/liquibase-oracle’ GitHub repo (GitHub - liquibase/liquibase-oracle: Liquibase extension to add improved Oracle support) because the documentation on that repo is sparse.

  • What is this repo for? Is this something that’s already maintained in the core Liquibase release?
  • How do you setup the JAR files under the releases section of this repo to be able to use it? Can the ‘liquibase-oracle-4.11.0.jar’ file be include it into the ‘liquibase-4.11.0\internal\lib’ to enhance the normal liquibase release to better manage Oracle related change sets?

I am just curious to know what his repo is for, how to utilize it, and if its needed for using Liquibase with Oracle databases.


That repo contains the Liquibase Oracle extension. Here is more info:

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I just created a pull request to add a link to the documentation into the readme.

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