Is "NOT FOR REPLICATION" constraint supported in Liquibase ?

Hi again,

Our production database includes the constraint “NOT FOR REPLICATION” with all tables ID.

When generating the database changelog with the command  generateChangeLog this constraint disappears.

I wonder if the liquibase supports that. If so how can I proceed to keep it? thank you.

Many database-specific features are not supported by the generateChangeLog and diffChangelog commands. I don’t have definitive proof that this is not supported, but I do know that there are many features like this that are not supported by Liquibase. 

The company that I work for, Datical, has written extensions to Liquibase to add support for things like this. Some of the features we support include “storage options” like tablespaces and partition schemes. We also support triggers, check constraints, database packages (on Oracle), views, and more extensive support for functions and stored procedures. My point in mentioning this is that it is possible to support things like this, but it is not always straightforward. 

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

Hi Mr. Steve Donie, thank’s for your response. I think also that this constraint is not supported with “mssql”, because I searched a lot for a lot a solution with no luck.