Is there a way to ignore all foreign key constraint when migrate database

I’m using liquibase to migrate schema for read only purpose database.
I don’t want to keep foreign key constraint on new database.

I read the documents but haven’t found the answer. I thought about removing the changeset with addForeignKeyConstraint key in changelog.yml file after generateChangeLog command.

Is there a way to ignore foreign key constraint in generateChangeLog or in update command?

Welcome to the Liquibase Community, @thangdc94!

This command: dropAllForeignKeyConstraints | Liquibase Docs
You also might want to review the available constraints: Liquibase Change Types | Liquibase Docs


@thangdc94 lookup the excludeObjects parameter combined with a regex expression (assuming that, hopefully, the foreign keys have a standard naming in place that you can use (having some sort of “static” reference in the names so you can use regex against, i.e FK1, FK2 or FKey1 etc)).