Is there a way to refactor ChangeLog folder ?


So, currently, we have an architecture like this, on our liquibase folder :

Every folder contains two xml files, master and table or data.

We would like to refactor it, to have at the end 2 or 3 folder (bugfix,feature,liquijar?), and move the other folders insides those one. Problem is, all of those ChangeSet have been already executed, and removing the MD5SUM from DATABASECHANGELOG and then moving the folder manually create a new line, and re-executed the ChangeSet.

Is their a way to do it, without changing manually all the field “filename” in DATABASECHANGELOG ? :slight_smile:

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There is a logicalFilePath attribute that can be set on either the changeLog or changeSet attributes to override the value used to compare against in databasechangelog. If you set that attribute on the files you have, you can then move them around however you need.

The other approach is to manually update the databasechangelog table with new filename values.

Those are the normal approaches I have seen done.