Is your question unanswered?

When a new response is added to the forum, I open a new chrome tab for it from google reader to follow up later. Since tab bar had gotten full enough that it not only gave up on showing titles, but also the icons and even all the tabs, I am declaring “personal forum bankruptcy”. 

Today, I went thought and answered many of the questions, but older questions, questions I thought may have been resolved and/or longer questions I skipped.

If you have something you are still waiting for an answer on, please post another comment on the thread, and I will be better about keeping up with them this time.



Sorry, for missing your original question. If you can look at fixing the code, that would be great since I don’t have a good sqlite environment to test with. Liquibase is built with Maven, so if you run maven “package” (however works best to run maven from your environment) it will build the jar files for you.

AbstractDatabase is the class that needs fixing.

Let me know if you need more info.