Linedelimiters in files included by sqlFile

I have insert statements containing a field storing css stylesheets; thus lots of ; characters in it.
I have  tried to use the endDelimter attribute on the sqlFile tag using various characters, but no success yet.

    Liquibase 1.95

    That should work.  Does it help to use a single char delimiter like “” ?  or to put the delimiter on the end of a line, not on it’s own line?  I don’t remember the regexp we use to split on the end delimiter off hand.


    MySQL didn’t accept the GO syntax, I found no other solution than writing a groovy script
    transforming the file into a liquibase changeset


    the database itself shouldn’t even see the delimitar you are using.  We use it to do a String.split() on. I’ll see if I can replicate your problem.

    I’m glad you found a work around.  Any chance the groovy script would be in a state that it could be added to the extensions portal: ?   I’m sure it would be very helpful to others as well.