Liqibase mongoDB extension work for collection update

I used this MongoDB with liqibase according to this link Using Liquibase with MongoDB | Liquibase Docs to migrate DB changes.

According to that blog, I can create, insert documents and remove collections using an XML file. Now, I want update/modify documents in a collection using the XML file. But I cannot find a way to update collection in that blog.

Can anyone tell me, Does MongoDB Liqibase extension support modify the collections using XML file ?
Is there any way to modify the collection using the XML file, Please suggest to me how to do it.

Hi @cherysan ,

I have never really given this a try but from the documentation here and here, I assume runCommands could be used to execute update and therby modify the collections.

The syntax to be used while using runCommand could be found in the above provided liquibase documentation. May be you could give this a try once.

Please do let us know the results.

Rakhi Agrawal