Liquibase 2.0.1 Diff problems with Foreign Keys and MySQL

<span class=“Apple-style-span” and replace it with the name of the schema I am trying to update, the SQL that gets generated will work.

This does seem to be a bug, and we have hit this twice today when syncing our dev database with QA and then again when syncing our dev database with our unittest database.

I would like to get another set of eyes on this issue to make sure its not something we can avoid via configuration.  If I can I will crack open the source and take a look.  This seems like a very minor issue that can be easily corrected.



Has anyone else noticed this?  It seems very reproducible.  Just add an FK reference in one database and try to sync it to another to reproduce this issue.

It does not appear as though liquibase can handle the foreign keys out of the box without manual intervention in the changelog.

Is there anyway to turn it off so it doesn’t need to reference the baseTableSchemaName ?