Liquibase 2.0.1 with PostgresSQL Creating changelog tables in one Schema and reading from another?

I’m trying to get our projects Liquibase scripts to run on our 5 supported databases. I’ve got them running on each but I have one issue left with PostgreSQL. When the user runs the product for the very first time (changelog tables don’t exist) Liquibase creates the databasechangelog and lock tables in the default schema of our user. However, once Liquibase finishes writing running our changesets it tries to create the tables again when it attempts to release the locks. It writes all of the data correctly to the changelog tables but then for some reason attempts to create them again.

I manually copied over these tables to public and truncated the data and cleared our tables from the default schema of our user. Now if I run again it does not attempt to create the table, it reads/writes to the table that now exists in public and correctly releases the lock after the changesets run.

At this point I don’t care which but how do I get it to just focus on either our default schema or the public schema?