Liquibase 2.0 Roadmap, slow forum responses warning

It’s been a while since my last update, and it is well past when I was hoping to have 2.0 out.  Sorry about that, for those of you waiting for 2.0 to be released.

The main hold-up for 2.0 being released is adding to the documentation, especially around writing extensions and contributing code.  Beyond that, there are a few open issues that are generally minor but showstoppers for some as well as a few minor internal API changes I am considering before declaring them stable.  I’d like to thank everyone that has tried out 2.0 and submitted suggestions and bugs.  So far there have not been enough, but there has been enough that it has forced a push back of the release date in favor of better quality. 

I am still trying to get 2.0 final out as quickly as I can, but it is probably going to be later January.  My wife and I are having our 3rd baby tomorrow, so work and forum posting will be a bit light for the next few weeks, but I’m optimistic things can get wrapped up in the next month.

So for now, feel free to use 2.0 if you would like (newest build is at and track the open issues for 2.0 ( 

And like always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.