Liquibase 3.0 Delivery

What is the plan for rolling out Liquibase version 3.0?  Is there a feature roadmap with what we can expect for 3.0 and beyond?

I am still working hard on finishing up 3.0, hopefully by the end of January. I’ll work on a better list of what is in 3.0 nearer the release time, but primarily it is around improving the snapshot/diff/comparison functionality which is also used in preconditions. I’m working to get that enabled through the extension system so it is easier to add support for new database-specific types, new/different ways of generating changesets to correct differences found, and control how liquibase decides if two objects are the same and/or what the differences are.

Beyond that, there are the normal bugfixes and minor features. lists what is currently in 3.0 as done and todo, although the todo list will be cut back significantly once I get a chance to figure out which of the open bugs are already done, which can be done easily, and which will have to wait for 3.0.1 and 3.1.