Liquibase 4.17.0 is now available!

Liquibase 4.17.0 is now available!

Notable Changes

  • [PRO] The liquibase flow command and flow files are available with a Liquibase Pro license. It allows you to create portable, platform-independent Liquibase workflows that can run across different tools without modifying each workflow.
  • [PRO] Pro license users can now integrate Amazon S3 with Liquibase. You can extend Liquibase to use remote file locations to enable secure, centralized file management. Learn more here: S3
  • [PRO] Pro license users can use searchpath to find files located on S3 that cannot be found by an absolute path.

API Breaking Changes


Fixes, Updates, & New Contributors

  • 22 Fixes included in this release.
  • 8 updates are included in this release.
  • Special thanks to 13 new first-time Community contributors for their additions to the 4.17.0 release13.
  • See the release notes for more details.

Improve Your Knowledge

Learn all the Liquibase fundamentals from free online courses by Liquibase experts and see how to apply them in the real world at

Meet the Community

Our community has built a lot. From extensions to integrations, you’ve helped make Liquibase the amazing open source project that it is today. Keep contributing to making it stronger:

Thanks to everyone who helps make the Liquibase community strong!

Read more in the release notes and download!

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