Liquibase 4.13.0 is now available!

Liquibase 4.13.0 is now available!
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Notable change:

  • You can now use the runWith command to pull in PSQL changesets in Liquibase Pro.

Special thanks to Community contributors for these additions to the 4.13.0 release

  • Added support for the new “searchPath” global configuration PR #2917
  • Added new liquibase.duplicateFileMode setting PR #3006

Other notable enhancements:

  • Added additional info in CLI --version output
  • Added labels and contexts parameter to checks run command in Liquibase Pro
  • Added sproc support for Snowflake in Liquibase Pro

Shout out to dwieland for their help with PR #2656 and adding configuration options for missing property handling.Thanks!

Read more in the release notes and download!