Liquibase 4.23.0 released!

Liquibase 4.23.0 released!

Notable Changes

Pro Edition:

  • New ‘liquibase.customlogdata.yaml’ enables customized Structured Logs and Liquibase operations data. Flow, history, status, and version commands have Structured Logging enhancements. More info here.


  • Checksums upgraded to v9 for improved whitespace handling. No user action required; backward compatible with v8. Liquibase Hub decommissioned from v4.23.0.

Breaking Changes

Extension Developers:

  • New method in ChangeLogHistoryService interface (#4310) may need code updates.

Pro users:

  • Bug fix for users of BOTH update-one-changeset AND ignore=true. Check workflow if you’ve implemented a workaround.

And more… see Release Notes for additional details.

Download the latest release