liquibase and updating a production server with the servlet listener question.


I got my liquibase project running (JPA, Hibernate, Glassfish, PostgreSQL). It works for the developer and our CI (with Bamboo).

DB Name: abcdb

Schema name: abc and abcaud

when i try to deploy our app i think i have problems with liquibase and the schema?

 liquibase: Error executing SQL CREATE TABLE databasechangeloglock

 PSQLException: ERROR: relation “databasechangeloglock” already exists

I dont know why liquibase is trying to create the already existing databasechangelock in the abc schema - any idea?


You should just have to set the servlet listener parameter liquibase.schema.default:


Just a guess, but perhaps you didn’t set the default schema parameter the first time around? That would cause your databasechangelog and databasechangeloglock tables to be created without schema prefixes.


Good point - but where/how can i check that? 

Glad I was able to help.  I’ll keep your offer in mind. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! If your ever in Zuerich, i pay you a beer.

Cheers, Reto