Liquibase api core log messages not printing

I am working in the liquibase core jar maven for doing the changes in my database. I want to print the Log that was generated in Liquibase core api to my own console.

I am executing the Liquibase as a maven plugin. When i execute it the logs from the maven plugin is displayed, the Plugin inturn calls the main method of the Liquibase API,the logs from that API is not printed to my console.

1.I am running the liquibase from the liquibase core API and executed using below sample for tag.

 baseDir = mavenProjectInfo.getBaseDir(); List<String> liquibaseargs = new ArrayList<String>();"******* Invoking liquibase Tag command *******"); Map<String, String> configs = MojoUtil.getAllValues(configuration); liquibaseargs.add(LIQUIBASE_DRIVER + getDriverName(configs.get(DBTYPE))); liquibaseargs.add(LIQUIBASE_URL + dbURLConstruction(configs.get(HOST), configs.get(PORT), configs.get(DBNAME), configs.get(DBTYPE))); liquibaseargs.add(LIQUIBASE_USERNAME + configs.get(USERNAME)); liquibaseargs.add(LIQUIBASE_PASSWORD + configs.get(PASSWORD)); liquibaseargs.add(TAG); liquibaseargs.add(configs.get(DBTAG)); String liquibasearguments[] = liquibaseargs .toArray(new String[liquibaseargs.size()]); Main.main(liquibasearguments); when i execute the Above the tag will be put on my database.

2.I am using the seperate console for my application, that will print all the log of the operations performed through the UI.

3.I want to print the sucessful or notsucessful of the tag. But using the above API will print only in the command prompt console.