Liquibase : Creating table with column Array of Varchar(100)

Does Liquibase allow us to create a table column as an Array of nvarchar(100) using XML or YAML changesets.

I mean it is possible to do that within some databases natively.

For example in H2 DB

There are other RDBMS as well, which also allow such a columns which are arrays of basic data types like arrays of string/ array of integers etc. My requirement is to implement such a table using Liquibase changeset and underlying H2 DB and subsequently some other DB which also has the array of string column feature.

Dear Experts,

is there any advise or suggestions for this issue. Any guidance will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @prithamr Thanks for joining the community. It’s great to have new folks join. <sql> is always an option as an xml changeset as a fallback if other changesets don’t work for you.