Liquibase data filtering

Hi, I am using liquibase 4.25.1 version . I’m currently new to this tool and experiencing one issue with the data extraction.
I need to know if we can generate the changelog with the filtered data .
Suppose i have two tables Owner and Unit which have
several data rows. Owner and Unit have a column name ‘ownerId’ in it. In the owner table several owner’s data have been stored with different ownerid and also same in the Unit table. I want to generate the changelog for a specific ownerid value .
Running command:
liquibase generate-changelog --diff-types=data
Currently this command giving all ownerid data in the xml file.
How can i get the filtered data in the xml ?

There are object filters available, which let you specify which table you want to generate data in the changelog for. Unfortunately, there is no way to filter for specific values.

The data is output to a CSV file, so perhaps you can post-process the CSV file to filter for specific column values.

Thanks for the response .
I used the includeObjects filter to filter out some tables and I didn’t find any solution regarding filter data inside tables anywhere. Thanks for clarification.