liquibase.database.sequence class no longer available in 3.5.3

Hi Shubhamagarwal,

Could you show a little more about what issue you are having or what error you are seeing?  I am not sure what issue you are having.  Current version is 3.8.9, so I would compare against that version if you can.  Seems like a long way from 2.0.5, perhaps there is change of package name?

Not sure what the original package was trying to do but here is an extension that allows sequencing for databases that don’t support sequences:



The class liquibase.database.sequence is no longer seen in the version 3.5.3. It was available in 2.0.5. Is there any documentation created for the migration from 2.0.5 to 3.5.3 version. It would be helpful if someone can point to the same.