Liquibase-Package based classes not recognized with 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT jar

I have been using the liquibase-3.4.2.jar file when “migrating” my database tables.  I have coded up some changes to the default NVarcharType datatype and have them in the liquibase.change package.  Everything runs fine; the classes are found.

I decided to try out the last two versions of the liquibase-3.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar as it had some fixes for the process of generating changelogs.  The generateChangeLog is in fact better.  When I try to use that same jar for “migrating” to a new database my changes to the NVarcharType are not found and my modifications are not applied.

I can see the “Liquibase-Package: liquibase.change,liquibase.changelog,” etc. entry in the MANIFEST.MF file in the SNAPSHOT jar.

Has something changed with 3.5.x with regards to this processing or am I missing something?


Entirely possible that something has changed. Can you give more details about your environment, steps taken, output messages, etc?

Steve Donie
Principal Software Engineer
Datical, Inc.

Thanks for the follow up. Glad you figured it out.


I am running this on Windows and in the process of cutting things down to a small sample that I could send you the problem suddenly disappeared (naturally ).   Doing more investigation it appears that the problem was a class path length issue and without the SNAPSHOT jar I was below the limit and with it above the length limit.

Sorry for the false alarm.

Everything is functioning as expected again.