What happened to DatabaseSnapshotGeneratorFactory and DatabaseSnapshotGenerator?

I have some extensions that I have been working on, and I just updated and built my local liquibase repo so that I am developing against the latest code in the liquibase master branch which is at version 3.0.0-beta1-SNAPSHOT. I have run into several compiler errors, some of which involve the usage of the DatabaseSnapshotGeneratorFactory and DatabaseSnapshotGenerator classes. I do not see those classes anymore in liquibase-core. I have been looking through the history in git to try and track down what happened but haven’t found anything yet. Can someone point me to specific commits or even better tell me what has replaced those classes?



Lots of changes in 3.0 so far. I’m working on getting beta1 released (hopefully tonight…) as a first step toward 3.0. Future steps will include documentation on the API changes. Lots of docs to write still…

The DatabaseSnapshotGeneratorFactory has been replaced with liquibase.snapshot.SnapshotGeneratorFactory. Basically the old snapshot and diff logic has been heavily refactored and now split between the liquibase.snapshot and liquibase.diff packages.

It will probably be a week or two until I get the 3.0 API changes officially documented, but let me know in the meantime if you have specific questions.