Liquibase doesn't see previous changes

Hello, I have a remote database that has a databasechangelog table and I’m attempting to do some work locally. When running locally, it doesn’t appear changes are being seen until it blows up when running and says the change has already been made.

Doing liquibase status shows that 35 of my changes have not been applied, but they really have. When I do liquibase history I see all of the changes as expect.

Any idea why my local machine doesn’t see that these changes have already been applied? I did see a previous article NOOB: Liquibase doesn't detect that it has applied the changesets, but no luck there and rather old.

This usually happens when there’s a difference in the paths. Each changeset is uniquely identified by a combination of author, id, and path.

When you compare the output from liquibase history and liquibase status are seeing differences in the path?

  • PJ

Thank you, that helps. It seems on my GitHub actions script I’m executing the liquibase command from a directory 1 level higher than what I am on my local. Once I get the path all squared away everything looks good.