Liquibase executing changes out of order?

I am deploying a SpringBoot application and running Liquibase scripts to create the DB structure. This is working just fine in our AWS MariaDB RDS instances but failing in Azure MariaDB. I enabled DEBUG logging and it is failing on a much later change set because it seems earlier change sets are not being executed? (i.e. the later change expects tables to be built from a prior change set)

Any help would be much appreciated.

I can see that it is loading the change log that creates tables…

2021-03-01 18:09:00.945+0000 [AGENT] [DEBUG] Opening (Omitted) as META-INF/liquibase/changelogs/basescripts/mariadb/db-minerva-table.xml

And that is loads the script that is failing…

2021-03-01 18:09:01.405+0000 [AGENT] [DEBUG] Opening (Omitted) as META-INF/liquibase/changelogs/mariadb/2002.xml

But it simply fails trying to execute the later one since the prior one did not run…

2021-03-01 18:09:01.837+0000 [AGENT] [DEBUG] Reading ChangeSet: META-INF/liquibase/changelogs/mariadb/2002.xml::drop-not-null-constraint-labInstanceId::Seshu Aileni
2021-03-01 18:09:01.837+0000 [AGENT] [DEBUG] Executing Statement: liquibase.statement.core.SetNullableStatement@13d1653
2021-03-01 18:09:01.837+0000 [AGENT] [DEBUG] Executing with the ‘jdbc’ executor
2021-03-01 18:09:01.847+0000 [AGENT] [ERROR] Change Set META-INF/liquibase/changelogs/mariadb/2002.xml::drop-not-null-constraint-labInstanceId::Seshu Aileni failed.

Forgot to mention Liquibase 3.10.3

p.s.s. We re-verified the exact same code and liquibase config works find on AWS MariaDB but is failing on Azure MariaDB. The problem being the liquibase logging doesn’t say why the earlier change sets did not get applied, were skipped, errored, etc. Leaving us scratching our head as we don’t know where to look.