Liquibase for ParAccel?

Many of the databases that we use at my shop are supported by Liquibase.  However, we have an analytic specific database named ParAccel ( that we also use.  While it has JDBC support/drivers, I’m having a hard time making it work with Liquibase.  The first thing I tried was generating a change log from the existing database with the following:

C:\Program Files\LiquiBase>liquibase.bat --driver=com.paraccel.Driver --classpath=“C:\Users\ecalvert\Documents\PADB Docs\ParAccel-JDBC-\ParAccel-JDBC-\paraccel-jdbc.jar” --changeLogFile=paraccel.changelog.xml --url=“jdbc:paraccel://lopadev1:5439/ecalvert” --username=ecalvert --password=XXXXXXXX --logLevel=INFO generateChangeLog

Which produced the following output:

WARNING 1/18/13 10:17 AM:liquibase: Unknown database: ParAccel

INFO 1/18/13 10:17 AM:liquibase: Reading tables for unsupported Database …

Liquibase Update Failed: Unknown Reason

SEVERE 1/18/13 10:17 AM:liquibase: Unknown Reason


        at liquibase.database.AbstractDatabase.rollback(


        at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.doMigration(

        at liquibase.integration.commandline.Main.main(

For more information, use the --logLevel flag)

I’m using 

      Liquibase 2.0.5


      ParAccel JDBC Driver

      ParAccel JDBC Driver

Note: I tried both JDBC drivers with the same results.


  1. Has anyone successfully used Liquibase with ParAccel?

  2. If so, any pointers/tips/tricks you’d like to pass along?

In case anyone else is interested, I did get it to extract the existing DDL using the postgres-8.2 jdbc 4 driver.  I won’t write changes to the database (even after I created the liquibase tables manually).