Liquibase Hub cannot join or signup

Hi, I feel silly asking something so simple, but the docs say the following:

Sign up for an account

  1. Go to the Liquibase Hub portal.
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Check your email and click a verification link to activate the account.

But if you follow the link and go to the Liquibase Hub portal, there is no way to join or sign up.
How do you sign up?

Hi @tom.morganshaw Thanks for joining the community.
We should have updated the docs by now.
Where did you find this info so that we can change it?

Also what are you looking to do with Liquibase Hub?

Based on feedback from our community, and after monitoring usage and interest, we’ve decided that it’s the right time to sunset Liquibase Hub, and shift our focus towards other, more highly-requested upgrades.

While we understand that this news may be disappointing to some, we’re confident that the changes coming to Liquibase will provide an even higher level of functionality. More information and exciting new features to come in the next few months.