Liquibase hub firewall rules

Hi there. As far as I understand hub, the database can send metadata about the migration to liquibase hub. Obviously I can’t just allow open rules within my firewall.

What are the liquibase AZ IP addresses that I need to allow in my firewall / vpc rules?

Hi @lcrostarosa ,

Great question. I have seen this use case where you can’t just open firewall all the way. May I confirm that you cannot open outgoing to hub?

I would like to include folks from Product (@Pete & @mariochampion ) to see if there is a way to do this.

hey @lcrostarosa – You should just need to allow outbound 443 to and that should work. Post back here if it does not. Thanks!

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Sorry let me clarify, allow all outbound traffic. I will try. I believe in AWS you have to specify an IP address, not a domain, so I will grab those from a ping. Do those IPs change frequently?

ahh, hey @lcrostarosa try these:

let me know if this works for ya!

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Trying to register liquibase hub, i have the following message :

“SEVERE [liquibase.integration]

When executing is from my liquibase container as follows :


The is configured as follows :

#liquibase.hub parameters

No way to register liquibase hub !!
A network or a firewall issue with the liquibase container maybe ?
Any ideas ?

Thanks for your help