Liquibase is NOT fully supporting for SAP HANA DB

As we are trying to use the existing oracle liquibase-changes.xml for SAP HANA DB, the following features are NOT supported in the Liquibase core 3.5.5 version.

  1. ALTER (modify or adding column)

   Throwing excetion that SQL syntax is NOT correct.

  1. forIndexName is NOT supported for SAP HANA

  2. In Squence creation, ordered = false is NOT supported

  3. trigger syntax needs to be changed as per SAP HANA DB

Please help to give suggestions or direction  that without any making changes in the liquibase-changes.xml and  also in liquibase core library changes, How to make common liquibase-changes.xml for both DBs ? and also so In order to work ALTER command need to change the liquibase core libraries… how to avoid to touch the core libraries changes?

Does this resolve your issues?

The SAP HANA team built this and transferred the repos to the Liquibase org in GitHub. Let us know how it works for you!