Liquibase migration in Existing production area

Hi ,
We have different environments including the production env and we are applying the changeset in sqlplus method and our database is oracle.
We are planning to move with Liquibase. But we have a problem, suppose we have started our liquibase version from 10 and now its in 40 and the production now in 30. How we can start from 30 with liquibase.

I have tried the below solutions

  1. disable the checksum and copy the databasechange log from 10 to 30 in production before the first execution.

  2. Manually remove the change set from master log. But this will be difficult as we have different production and we need to do this manually before each execution

Hi @joeljoejoseph ,

Would you please clarify? What environment do you want to “start from 30” in? If liquibase was updated in prod to rev 30, and since then a lower env was brought up to 40, the next time liquibase runs in prod, it will see versions when it first ran to 30 and only apply changesets that represent 31-40.