Liquibase mistaking password as query variable?

I have a situation where liquibase keeps failing with a particular password. This password has a variety of characters, not just alphanumeric, and looks something like this: “eXte@#utR&sXce=kL05”.

The problem is, when I use this password, I get a message that looks like this:
‘sXce’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, which, if you look carefully, are the password characters between an ‘&’ and an ‘=’. This leads me to believe that liquibase is somehow formatting the password as part of a larger url.

I’ve tried embedding the password in quotes (single and double) as well as using escape characters with no luck. What makes this all the more curious is that it does work if I put the password in a file. Then it connects no problem.

This, however is not desirable as that eventually will be running in an Azure release pipeline and I have the exact same problem there.

Please advise.

I assume you are using the CLI and you are providing the password on the command-line. I’d recommend putting the password into the file.