Liquibase new version causes error message in Octopus log

Hey. I am currently encounter an issue while trigger liquibase commands in Octopus platform

basically, we are call liquibase on Octopus to deploy oracle scripts into Oracle database.

liquibase commands work fine, and I can see changes in Oracle database and entry added in databasechangelog table.

However, it issues error message in Octopus log

I also found, if I use old liquibase version 3.8.1 can work without error log message.

We have engaged Octopus support, and ran lots of testing, but cannot get rid of these error messages.

As this issue is relative to liquibase new version. I am afraid there could be something to do with liquibase settings.

I am wondering if anyone had encountered the similar issue? what is the root cause? how to fix it?

any advise will be much appreciated!


Hi there! Would you please repost the error log as code instead of an image? It makes it a lot easier for folks to help from multiple platforms.