Liquibase SQL validation


I am working on liquibase automation in my team.
I have a query if there is a way to validate if a SQL will work on a given env when executed?
i know validate just validates the changesets. it does not actually validates the query.

Liquibase does not validate custom SQL statements, they are passed thru to the target DBMS to validate.

so there is no way for me to validate if changesets for “prod” will work on prod deployment day?

Liquibase has no way of knowing the state of your prod database, or whether your custom sql syntax is accurate, in order to know if your changesets will work on prod deployment day.

Liquibase does not contain a sql parser/syntax checker for every database that is supported. That is a job done much better by your actual DBMS platform.

@Pooja As @daryldoak said there is nothing in the OSS code to do this. There is a new enhancement from Liquibase Pro called pre-validation but that is paid offering. If this is important to you, we can discuss paid offering.

ok thank you. Can we arrange for a demo of how validation works with liquibase paid version?

Great, I reached out in a private message.