Liquibase trunk and liquibase-nochangeloglock / liquibase-nochangelogupdate

Thanks for the quick response!

Hi, I started using the latest github trunk because I need some of the bugfixes not available in the released version.

However, now I get:

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: liquibase.lockservice.ext.NoOpLockService.init()V

at liquibase.Liquibase.update(

I use the  liquibase-nochangeloglock / liquibase-nochangelogupdate extensions.

Any ideas?

There was a change in the LockService interface in 3.2.0 (liquibase master).  I’m working on wrapping up the 3.2.0 release including updates to the extensions but for now I committed the missing methods to the liquibase-nochangeloglock extension.