Liquibase Update timing out

I am attempting to run liquibase update on a redshift cluster that is setup using the Redshift JDBC jar, in a docker container, running on AWS FARGATE.

The update task is stopping after exactly 1 minute each time, no matter what the task is doing, it can be sitting waiting for the database lock and will stop after a minute, or it can be trying to create a view and will timeout after the minute. I can create the view i am trying to run manually in the Redshift query editor and it works fine. The task is running with 16GB of Ram and 2 VCPU.

There is no error in the log at all, the only indications of a failure is the fargate task returns a 137 error code, and the liquibase process is not exiting gracefully, as it leaves the table locked, and the SVV_QUERY table shows the error Unexpected EOF on client connection.

Is there any liquibase setting that would impact this? I searched but could not find anything relevant

Try setting sql-log-level to SEVERE. Might see something.

Are Liquibase and the RedShift query editor running on the same server?

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