LiquiBase with Spring configured Hibernate/JPA Annotations


I’m using Spring to persist JPA/Hibernate annotated POJOs. I’m wondering if it would be possible to use LiquiBase at both build time (to generate the DB creation SQL - instead of hbm2ddl) and run-time (to perform data migration).

Is there any way to configure the Maven LiquiBase Plugin to read Spring’s application context at build-time, to process the JPA/Hibernated POJOs, and generate this DB creation SQL?

I’m completely new to LiquiBase. Has anyone done this kinda thing before or have any examples I could take a look at? Does it even make sense to use LiquiBase or is there a better approach?

Thx in advance,

There is some support currently for building liquibase scripts from your hibernate config (like hbm2ddl).  See for more information.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the current implementation will work with annotations/jpa based hibernate configurations.  I plan to look into it more in the liquibase 2.1 timeframe.