Status of JPA Support

I�d like to clarify the current status of Liquibase (2.0) with reference to  a database  schema that is defined by JPA annotations.
I�m getting mixed messages on this subject from perusing the manual and the forum.

In particular, I would like to use the diffChangeLog command to generate the changeset required to update an actual schema (mysql) to the logical schema defined by a set of annotated entity classes and a persistence.xml.
Is it possible to set the referenceUrl parameter to a simple Hibernate config file that instantiates a logical schema based on the annotated classes?
If anybody can share their experiences of similar issues, I would be grateful.



The current state is that it has not made it to the top of my priority list to look at yet.  The hibernate support has been moved to an extension rather than being in the liqubase core ( and so development of it can happen independently of the core liquibase support. 

It shouldn’t be terrible to implement, it just hasn’t been done yet, unfortunately.  The workflow you describe is what the plugin will allow. The hibernate integration currently does that, but only works with hibernate config xml files.


Thank you for the prompt response.
It is what I expected, but I wanted to be sure.