Looking for feedback: Liquibase 3.7.0 Alpha 1

Some of the more troublesome parts of the 3.6 code is how classes and files are found and how logging is managed. I’ve been working on an overhaul of both those parts as part of 3.7.0 and could use some help with testing and feedback.

I have a build available at https://267-2019791-gh.circle-artifacts.com/0/home/circleci/circle_artifacts/liquibase-3.7.0-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip that has the new changes in it. 

What I need help with: Running the 3.7.alpha build in all the different ways Liquibase gets ran.  

I’ve done some initial testing, but there are LOTS of different environments that Liquibase runs in–Ant, Maven, Wilfly, Spring boot, Tomcat, OSGI, CDI, etc. that all have their own fun challenges in how files are accessible and referenced. Plus, there are lots of different ways people try to reference files in the changelog. Since this release will change how we lookup files I need help making sure that ALL the ways people use it work.

Please let me know what you find in the comments to this message.

Note: there was significant API changes and so any liquibase plugins will have to be updated, so don’t bother with the alpha build if you are using any liquibase extensions.


If you are following along, the changes are now in master at https://circleci.com/gh/liquibase/liquibase