Making LiquiBase work with Netezza

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to highlight an issue that many of you are aware of concerning Liquibase and Netezza.  The tool does not support  this critical database, but the tool will allow one to create an extensions for databases.  Here are my questions to the more experience developers in this forum.

What are the high-level steps a developer must accomplish in getting started on this database extension?  Should we discover an issue in liquibase that needs addressing before a Netezza extension is ready, who do we work with?

Thanks you taking the time to read my post and offer suggestions.  It is all greatly appreciated.

The liquibase exension system allows you to easily plug new functionality into Liquibase to support new database types. 

You can see some examples at:

At a high level, you need to implement a new liquibase.database.Database class and then new implementations for sqlgenerator, snapshot, and datatype classes that are causing problems. There is some documentation at but more needs to be written and will be soon.

Let me know what you have for questions and problems.


Thanks for the reply Steve.

And yeah…I am thinking you are right.

Looks like Russ (who started this thread) has posted just this one question and no replies. I’m guessing that he saw Nathan’s reply and decided to do something different. Since it sounds like he (and now you) are the only ones so far asking for netezza support, I bet it hasn’t been implemented.

Steve Donie
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I know I am bit late to this party, but has any progress been made for Netezza support?

I looked out on GitHub, but I did not see any Netezza extensions.



We have been using Liquibase for quite some time for Postgres databases.
Enjoying Liquibase so much, we decided to write an extension for Netezza so we could use it for other projects as well.

It’s available on maven central and github:|nl.inergy.liquibase|liquibase-netezza|1.0.0|jar