Mapping of InetAddress difference between PostgreSQL and H2

There is an entity field of type InetAddress, which is mapped by Liquibase with PostgreSQL to INET, however running the same changeLog against H2 database, gives an error because INET is not supported there.

Shouldn’t Liquibase automatically handle this?

@asashour - datatypes are one of those tricky areas. There is a lot of variation among the 50+ databases we currently support. We do our best to make sure all of the common datatypes are handled correctly but rely on the community to help with the rest.

If you could open a GitHub bug report with the details of what is happening and what you want to happen, we will review it. Also, please check the box in the ticket if you would be willing to create a PR to address this issue (we will provide you with guidance). :slight_smile:

Here is the link: Open a Liquibase Issue


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