Migrating custom refactorings from 1.9.5 to 2.0.3

I’m trying to upgrade to Liquibase 2.0.3, and I’m having a little trouble migrating my custom refactorings. I have a few idioms that seem to occur over and over in my code. Here’s one:




            ("Found "

             + constants.length

             + " constants in the Java code.");

It looks like Database.getJdbcTemplate() has gone away, or maybe just moved somewhere else.

Here’s another use of getJdbcTemplate() that frequently occurs in my code:

      if (database.getJdbcTemplate().executesStatements())


        database.getJdbcTemplate().update( new RawSqlStatement(queryString));


So, what’s the right/best/easiest way to migrate these custom refactorings to 2.0.3?

Thanks for any help, and let me know if you need more information,


I haven’t done any of the custom work with the product but do remember researching a similar question and seeing that the jdbctemplate has been refactored/morphed into another class.  Please see the link below where Nathan responded and maybe that will help.


Thanks very much - that was just the information I was looking for.