Migrating to Liquibase 2.0 question

database.getConnection() will return a generic DatabaseConnection interface, but it can be casted to a JdbcConnection object.  That object has prepareStatement() etc on it. 

I don’t remember the syntax around getJdbcTemplate (it’s been a while) but I think Database.execute() is the corresponding 2.0 version method.


I have a CustomTaskChange class that extensively used the Database object to query the databse to perform complex refactoring. How can I query the database with the new version? Both database.getJdbcTemplate() and database.getConnection().prepareStatement() are gone in version 2.0. Is there access to the driver/url/username/password parameters (provide when updateDatabase is called) so that I can do raw JDBC if needed?

Thanks in advance,

Randall Rupper