Move data between two identical DB schemas with different liquibase change sets


I have an existing Oracle database schema (with data) that was created using liquibase. I have refactored the changelog files, just cleaning and re-organizing the change sets, without making any changes to the existing Oracle schema (DDLs are the same).

So I have:
Oracle Schema 1 (OS1) with data.
Oracle Schema 2 (OS2) without data, identical with OS1 (same DDLs), but having different changesets.
I want to move existing data from OS1 to OS2. My plan is to use Oracle Data Pump Export / Import.

Question: How should I approach this task?
I suppose I can not just copy DATABASECHANGELOG table because the changesets are different in OS1 and OS2 and I do not how liquibase will deal with situation.
Also, not copying the DATABASECHANGELOG is not going to work as liquibase tries to run the new changesets (from OS2) and fails as the tables already exist.

Thank you.

Assuming this was a one-time refactoring, I would delete all rows from the OS1.databasechangelog table, then run Liquibase “changelog-sync” for OS1 to get the databasechangelog table properly populated. Then you can run data-pump to refresh from OS1 to OS2.