move from 1.9.2 to 2.0.4


just recently migrated to 2.0.4 and after some needed changes because of some new classes (and some deleted ones) i have the problem that on DB2 iSeries the DATABASECHANGELOG* Tables wont get created on initial startup.

I migrated because i hoped that this issue:  went away. Right now i cant check this because now i even cant get the tables get generated. Is there something new i dont know regarding the behavior? In 1.9.2 these tables were created (of course with the PK constraint error mentioned in the link).


further debugged the problem. My first call into liquibase is:

List list = liqBase.listUnrunChangeSets("");

I dont know for sure but can it be that inside the listUnrunChangesets() there has been a call to checkDatabaseChangeLogTable(false, null, null);  which is no longer the case?

I am pretty sure that with 1.9.2 liquibase did check if the core DB Tables are set up before doing the main work in listUnrunChangesets().