MSSQL Integrated Security

The docs are not great on this. It would be fantastic if they could be clarified.

Here’s what you need to do for a Windows installation to use Integrated Security:

  1. Install Liquibase
  2. Download JDBC Driver for SQL Server from Microsoft
  3. Copy the jar files to Liquibase\interal\lib\
  4. Copy the mssql-jdbc_auth-(version).dll file to Liquibase\
    (or somewhere else in your $env:PATH, but the installer will add Liquibase to it)

Hi @wmenton, thanks for the report! I’ll create a ticket for this improvement. Note that you can submit feedback on docs pages from the “Feedback” button on the side of each page. Suggestions submitted this way go straight into our Jira project so we can seamlessly work them into future releases.